Greetings fellow visitor of the interwebs !

I am an expat in Berlin i have often found it difficult to find proper and trustworthy information about moving to Berlin.

A lot of information about moving to Berlin, but …

There was a lot of information about moving to Berlin for sure but not one website  where i could find everything nicely organized. Thus i have spent a lot of time wondering about every little detail, every administrative process and finding information about multiple topics. It can be challenging especially when you are on your own moving to Berlin.

I also have seen a lot of expats around me asking for the same questions everytime “what is the anmeldung ?“, “how do i get my lohnsteuerkarte ?”, etc. What if out there, there was one website providing answers to all those questions ?

Settle in Berlin : moving to Berlin made easy

Well it’s now a reality; is the one website where all that information you need about moving to Berlin is available in a simple and concise way, as if i was writing everything to past-me a few years back.

Should you wonder what to do about accommodation, work, taxes or opening a bank account, it is all there for you to make sure that you are well prepared before making the big jump or if you are already living in Berlin.
All the information you should find here on this website is of course valid for the rest of Germany. I just wanted to provide whenever possible, localized information and direct links to local institution or partners.

I did my best to write everything based on verified information but should you find any mistakes or have any questions about moving to Berlin. I will be glad to answer your emails. You can reach me via the page “Let’s get in touch” in the header beside the logo. I will reply as soon as i can, especially if you are suggesting improvements.

I wish you the best luck in your enterprise and i hope this website will help you in this challenging but exciting process.


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