This posts aims at gathering resources you can use to help Ukrainians.

Information sources


You can donate money to international organisations active in Ukraine:

You can donate money to local groups active in Berlin too:

You can donate items at different collection points. Make sure to check the updated list to bring what’s really necessary:


Update 01.04: Berlin’s public authorities have said that official structures can now handle incoming refugees. There should a smaller demand for volunteers now.

Right now, a lot of efforts are put into welcome the current influx of people arriving at the different stations in Berlin.

In general, don’t show up unannounced because it puts more stress on organisations. You need to first register or wait for a volunteer call. Here is a general FAQ/info sheet to read before signing up.

In general, there is a shortage of volunteers during the week, and in the evenings.

More volunteering options:

Hosting refugees at home

You can also host refugees, regular requests are sent via this telegram chat (Hosting People Coming From Ukraine To Berlin) and this telegram chat (Berlin helps Ukrainians).

This post in a non-exhaustive list of resources Berliners can use to help Ukrainians right now. Feel free to suggest more resources in the comments. I will be sure to add them.

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