The privilege of operating a blog full-time is to develop more ambitious projects. I’ve been running SiB for 10 years. I want to grow beyond crafting the perfect knowledge base for people moving to Germany.

This is what happened last year already with the release of Berlin Flat Quest. A deeply personal pixel art game that resonated with a LOT of people.

Overall a massive success supported by you, the audience. Thank you for that. 🙏

But today, I want to announce something different yet again.

(Re)discovering the Berlin you know, but never seen before

For the past few months, I have been working on a series of short videos called “Unseen Berlin”.

The concept is simple: Berlin is huge and we are always rushing through the city. We are bound to miss interesting places, things or stories around us, hidden in plain sight. We look at them but we don’t see them.

Those videos are all about the little gems that even long-time Berlin residents sometimes don’t know about. Here is a little sneak peek:

My pitch: silly and educational videos about the Berlin you didn’t know. 🎥 
Click on the image to watch them on Youtube.

I’m really excited to share this with you today. It took a long time to do because I’m a beginner at everything related to video: new at hosting, editing, researching. I’m no Tom Scott (yet).

Watch Unseen Berlin here.

Here is what you need to know 👀:

  • Youtube channel is brand new: I’ve released the first 5 videos a few hours ago and I have plenty more in the shop coming, on a weekly basis.
  • Each video is only about 2-3 minutes long. Got to be snappy.
  • I’ve currently have enough material for 30-40 videos.
  • If you like it, I’d be immensely grateful if you subscribed and you shared it around you, friends or colleagues. Spam that Teams/Slack channel too!
  • Feel free to suggest little known sites, stories or things in Berlin here in the comments section.

Thanks again for your unfailing support ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


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