Fellow blog visitor,

You might have already noticed by now, there is a Facebook widget below every page or article of this blog. This links to a page i have set-up on the blue social network.

This page is meant for you to take over because it’s simply not enough for me to write a few sound advices on some obscure blog. People need to connect, to share, to discuss so that all the amazing content seen on this blog has a purpose. Although I was reluctant to publish it in the first place, I changed my mind because several people expressed the need for a place where people wanting to settle in Berlin could shape a little community.

It’s sometimes hard to figure out things out on your own here, so seeing that other people are in the same situation can help. Not because it makes you feel better to see other people too, but because everyone has an experience that can profit to others. If you are experienced Berliner, go there once in a while to shoot some shizzle of your Wisdom around.

Settle in Berlin on Facebook

Blue thumbs

I will of course feed it once in a while, but hopefully in the future, it will live by itself through interactions of people there.

We are of course a small group now, but it always grows and people are nice, I have heard. Who knows what will emerge from it ? a sect ? a new trend ? Love stories ? a blue lobster ? Who knows ?

Follow the page, share it, talk about it, it’s yours now !


Good luck and see you there.


ps : If you are an expat who wants to share his or her experience of moving to Berlin, feel free to get in touch with me. I would then organize a little interview and even get you some beers if manageable. As i’ve said, i think a lot can be learned from other people’s experiences. Get in touch via the contact form in “Let’s get in touch” in the header of every page !

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