Giving to refugees in Berlin

Hi everyone. I’m sure you have seen it everywhere on the news : a crisis. lots of refugees. It’s probably the biggest challenge for Europe right now.

All those events are way beyond our scale of power, influence or understanding. However, It feels like we could assist a little the effort of supporting those people leaving everything behind to come to Europe & to come to Berlin.

The situation of refugees in Berlin is not easy and with the cold season coming. Help is thankfully on its way through different initatives. It makes it much easier to help refugees here.

I went with a group of friends donate a few things last week and i though i’d share with you a simple list of links to websites of local associations that help refugees. I know it is hard to take yourself out of your routine to get to it but in the end, it’s not that much work and it’s a nice experience. Try to motivate your friends to do the same too.
It is sometimes hard to do that alone because we are all very busy and have other things to think about. In a group however, peer pressure helps to achieve something.  🙂

So here is the list to make donation to refugees in Berlin:

Please pay attention to items listed on there and don’t bring anything else than what it listed. Donation doesn’t mean junk as well, so make sure what you give is in good condition.

For cheap clothes, bags & others, try Zeeman or Woolworth. There are a few in Berlin.

help refugees in Berlin

More ways to help refugees in Berlin :

If you want to volunteer, some organisations are being the middle man to help you help them :

You can also simply host a refugee in your WG with :

Feel free to add more way to help refugees in Berlin in the comments below.

Bonus :

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