Buying weed in Berlin: a guide to stay safe


The best way to buy weed in Berlin is a returning topic for a lot of Berliners.

A 2018-survey established that about 7% of adults in Germany smoke weed on a regular basis, with an up going trend (German centre for health education (BZgA)). Figures for Berlin are difficult to find but it’s likely more because of how progressive Berliners have been on this matter, and how supply is usually more readily available in a capital.

This guide is aiming at protecting consumers when buying weed in Berlin so they can avoid toxic substances and dangerous situations. It’s not promoting its use. Be safe and be responsible.

where to buy weed in Berlin guide

Weed is definitely not legal in Berlin, like the rest of Germany. According to the Narcotics Act (BtMG), cannabis are non-marketable drugs. Production & sale is highly prohibited. However, consumption is not listed as a criminal offense, so it is not punishable in itself. But as you’ve guessed: consumption is not possible without possession.

Section 31a waives possible punishment when in possession of smaller quantities for personal consumption (less than 10g), without endangering any other person in the process. However, this is just a guideline and it’s up to the police officer to decide (Ermessensspielraum).

Legalization is making progress in Germany, you can read more about that here.

Consequences of getting caught

Basically, no cop will go chase after you unless there are aggravating circumstances. And in this case, that might lead the judge to give you a sentence, even if you are under the 10g limit.

When you get caught, do know that a criminal investigation will be opened and it will be reported to the license registration center (Führerscheinstelle). That might impact your ability to have a driving license.

Holding more than 15g on you will result is prosecution in any case. If you get caught a second time, then the amount you hold doesn’t matter; punishment won’t be waived this time (source).

Police’s behavior around weed consumers in Berlin

If you apply some common sense, the police will leave you alone:

  • Hold less than 10g on you.
  • Keep your consumption low-key (away from kids, away from crowds, no bongs, etc).
  • Don’t bring anything into a public service building or at large public events.
  • Like for alcohol: don’t get into trouble under use (no driving, no fighting, etc).
  • Don’t buy weed in Berlin when police is around.

I have never witnessed any aggressive tactics to actively catch peaceful consumers by the police. Most police officers will let you go if you have smaller quantities, but they can decide to take it further if they want, which is rare.

Weed price & weed quality in Berlin

Buying quality weed in Berlin is difficult. There are more bad sources than good ones. Sprayed/toxic/contaminated weed (synthetic cannabinoids, k2, spice, brix, grit, haze) are very common. It’s of course difficult to assess reliably but multiple reports have sent warning over the years:

Off-street weed is almost always contaminated and even weed from Telegram groups can be risky.

When in doubt, you can use testing kits like these ones or this one. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to stay on the safe side, even if it comes with caveats and you need to prepare the tested sample accordingly first. A visual check is also possible but less reliable.

In terms of price, it seems that the market price is hovering around the 10€/g mark. For that price, you can’t be sure about origin & quality though, especially when buying weed in Berlin off the street.

Where to buy weed in Berlin

Unsurprisingly (and until legalization is real), this is where you buy weed in Berlin:

  1. Using your connections: It’s usually not too hard to find somebody with established habits in Berlin. Friends or colleagues might be able to let you know where to find a reliable and safe source. Use caution when approaching this topic. Approaching somebody you don’t know is usually frowned-upon.
  2. Telegram groups: there are several groups available connecting supply with demand. In a separate secret chat, the transaction is organized (setting a time, product, price, meeting location, a way to identify each other). The dealer will usually come in a car and you may need to drive with them while the transaction is conducted.
  3. Public parks: Hasenheide & Görlitzerpark are the hot-spots for off-street purchase. Dealers are very visible/obvious and approachable along the pathways. A transaction is initiated with one person in the open, who sends you to another person in a more discreet location in the park to conclude it. Those places are a really bad idea. Quality is very dubious and almost always contaminated. Don’t go there, especially at night.

Remain safe: abort the transaction as soon as possible if you feel in danger or if something feels off.

Keeping your consumption under control

Not everybody consuming drugs is addicted, but if you want to talk about your use and get help (for you or a friend), there are several organisations that can help you with this:

I hope this guide has answered your questions about how to buy weed in Berlin. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments’ section. Stay safe. I don’t condone the use of recreational drugs.