What is a Meldebescheinigung & why it’s so important for newcomers


When you find a place to live anywhere in the country, the first administrative step to take is to register your address & do your Anmeldung at your local city hall/office.

Doing so, you will receive a registration confirmation: Anmeldebestätigung (or sometimes simply Meldebestätigung). This document contains the following information:

  • Registration date
  • Moving in date
  • Complete postal address
  • Complete name & birth date of person registering.
  • Mention if it’s main residence or secondary residence.
  • Details of the registration office (Meldebehörde), stamp & date.

It acts as an official registration certificate. It will often be required for several other bureaucratic steps in Germany or by private companies (internet, bank, insurance, etc) when concluding a contract.

For foreigners, it’s especially important because passports alone are often not accepted but it does not contain a German address. You need to show your address by showing your Meldebestätigung.

A Meldebestätigung example. It looks different in every city.

Is there a difference between Anmeldebestätigung & Meldebescheinigung?

In theory yes. In practice no. Both documents contain the same information about you & hold the same value.

  • Anmeldebestätigung is provided when your first register, with the original registration date. It shows when you first moved-in.
  • Meldebescheinigung is a copy of the registration record, with the date at which the copy was made. It shows that you still live at this address.

You will need a new Meldebescheinigung because in many occasions, administrations & companies will request a certificate that is not older than 6 months. It’s how they verify your address.

How to get a Meldebescheinigung copy?

If you already have done your Anmeldung and you a new registration certificate, you can request a copy at your local registration office (Bürgeramt, Bürgerbüro, Rathaus, or Kundezentrum) in person or online.

Prefer the online variation to avoid waiting times:

You might need to provide a copy of your ID card/passport. Expect costs between 5€ & 10€.

Meldebescheinigung – Anmeldebestätigung FAQ

How much does a Meldebescheinigung copy cost?

It costs between 5€ & 10€ depending on the city you live in.

How can I request a new registration certificate?

You can request a new copy of your certificate your local town hall/registration office and online. You will need to provide a copy of your ID card or passport.

Anmeldebestätigung & Meldebescheinigung, what is the difference?

The only notable difference is that a Meldebescheinigung is a copy of the registration records that proves you still live at this address. Both documents serve the same purposes.

Why is Meldebescheinigung important?

Without that document, you cannot apply for a residence permit, register at university, start working or even open a telephone line. It’s the starting point to your life in Germany.

Can I get the Meldebescheinigung online?

In some cities, you can request copies online but you cannot obtain this document without doing the Anmeldung. This is always done in person.

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