How to get an appointment at the Bürgeramt in Berlin – fast

You would expect so much from Germany. The one place you often need the most to do your Anmeldung in Berlin, register your car or get an international driving license is often overbooked.

Getting an appointement at the Bürgeramt in Berlin is difficult & frustrating. It can even stressful if you have a tight deadline somewhere else.

How to get a Bürgeramt appointment in Berlin

Here is how to make it happen & fairly fast.

Try the hotline

The city has setup a special number (030 115) in order to facilitate appointements at Bürgerämter in Berlin. This so called Bürgetelefon (Citizen’s phone) is useful in some cases but it’s a loss of time in this case. Agents on the phone may have dedicated slots that cannot be found online. Service available in German only.

Scan for appointments online citywide

The best tried-and-true way is to look for open slots online yourself.

  1. Look for the service that is relevant to you on this page. (Example for the Anmeldung here)
  2. On the dedicated service page, scroll down until you see “Termin buchen“. Below that you should see “Termin berlinweit suchen und buchen“. This will make sure to look for free appointments everywhere in the city.
  3. Next, chose the next available appointment via the calendar function.
  4. The next screen will show precise times & location for what you’ve selected. Select the location closer to you.
  5. If you see an error screen (Fehler), the appointment might have been booked already. Go back on the calendar screen and try again.
  6. The final screen will show your selection again. Enter your personal details to book an appointment at this Bürgeramt in Berlin.

See screenshots thereafter to get an idea of the different steps awaiting you.

What to do when there aren’t any appointments

It can sometimes cause distress to see only red marks on the calendar screen, for the next 6 weeks or so. Don’t despair just yet. For one reason or another, new appointments at Berlin Bürgeramter are made available on a regular basis everyday.

All it takes is a bit of patience & page refreshing. If you keep refreshing your page at 5 minutes intervals, you should see new appointements within an hour or two.

Alternatively, you can also use this tool that surfaces new available appointements every 3 minutes automatically, for the Anmeldung.

Booking an appointment at Bürgeramt – FAQ

Can I do more than one administrative step per appointment? Can I book a single appointment for all my requests?

It is possible to conclude different administrative chores in a single appointment. However you need to let the Bürgeramt know before hand.

In order to do that, you’d need first to go to a Bürgeramt service page (pick from this list). On the Bürgeramt overview page, you need to tick all the services relevant to you and then book an appointement at this specific Berlin Bürgeramt (button is all the way down of the page “An diesem Standort einen Termin buchen“.)

Can I go a Bürgeramt very early without an appointment?

This used to work, but it usually doesn’t anymore.

Do I need to conduct my bureaucratic things in the Bürgeramt closest to me?

No, you can do your business in any Bürgeramt in Berlin.

I can’t see any available appointments for the next 6 weeks! Time to panic?

Don’t panic just yet. New free appointements regularly go online. It’s just a matter of patience & refreshing the page enough times. Usually, an hour or two of refreshing at 5 minutes intervals will do the trick.

I don’t need that appointment anymore. What do I do?

It’s common courtesy to free up that time slot so others can use it. Find the confirmation email you received. There is a link to cancel your appointement in it.

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