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March 2019

Portraits series

“But somehow I feel that there’s a sense of freedom in the air”

The Berlin Expat portraits series aims at putting in word the realities of being a foreigner here. Sometimes, a biased opinion is needed to get a clearer picture of what Berlin is like.

Fourth post of our series “Berlin Expat Portraits”, we meet an Argentinian person after their Italian roots.

Introduce yourself in a few words

My name is Ivan, I come from the Patagonia Argentina and I’m 29 years old. 
I enjoy photography very much but I don’t practice it on a professional level as I feel I like it best as just a hobbie. I shoot almost exclusively film both 35mm and medium format.
I’m in general terms a very social person and quite easy going although I’ve been told that people’s first impressions of me is that I’m very serious.. I guess it’s just my “concentrated face”.

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