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May 2016


How i improved my future job interviews with start-up pitches

Last month, i was invited by the folks at BecomeWide to take part at an event at BetaHaus. This event called BetaPitch happens on a regular basis in the coworking space. During a few hours, start-ups come and pitch in front of fellow entrepreneurs and in front of an experts’ panel who have experience in the industry. This allows to gather feedback on the business case and see where shortcomings might be.

It is a wonderful and scary experience.

During the BetaPitch, a group of journalists & bloggers were gathered to work on a more specific part of a pitch: the elevator pitch. I’m sure you all know this exercise that is about convincing someone under 3 minutes about your project. It’s a difficult exercise that requires work & precision.

Very much like during a speed-dating, each of us were matched with an entrepreneur for 3 minutes that was to convince us with their great idea. After that time, a rotation would let the next one in, until each journalist/blogger had met with each entrepreneur.

Why should that matter to you? Good point. I’ll tell you why.

Having to sell your project to an investor is very much like selling your-self to a potential employer. There were some elements that i thought could be relevant to an interview situation and that could make a difference between getting a job or getting negative answer.

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