Subleting a flat – Those are the 3 legalities you should pay attention to

Once you have arrived in Germany, you will need a place to live. No question. It will be cheapest to share a room in an apartment by becoming a subtenant. When you rent an apartment, you will need to know a lot of rules. This article is to brief you on what you ought to know for general orientation.

First thing is to find such offer. University students post their empty rooms on the blackboards on campus. Another possibility will be with classifieds in local magazines. After visiting and testing many possibilities, you finally found something suitable and affordable. Good work! Continue Reading…


Growing up and taking a language course – die DeutSCHule

Ever since i got to Berlin, i always counted on my notions of German to get me through what i thought would be a short & fun stay in this beautiful city. I had learned German for a year during high-school.

As time went by, the short stay became a longer one, and before i knew it, i had actually settled here. Since it was never the plan to stay here for good, i didn’t take German too seriously but still trying to learn as much as i could to escape the usual expats crowds and discover what was beyond the obvious “scene”.

It was never an scholar approach anyway; “Just speak the street-german, you’ll be fine”, i told myself many times.

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A new look and looking forward – celebrating 4 years

Licensed under creative commons 2.0 on Flickr . Jun Seita

If you are regular, you may have noticed that SiB has been updated with a slick new look which i hope will put content even more forward.

The last look was as old as 2011 when i first started this blog, with the aim of making the life of new expats easier. With humble beginnings, i’m proud to see SiB become more impactful with time.

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A check list made awesome : SiB has a timeline

Hello there,

I know, i know. It’s not easy. You have your dream in sight. You finally took a decision to move to Berlin. So what’s wrong ?

Well, there are so many things to take care of to just do that. That’s what wrong.

A job, a visa, a place to live, a social life, a date with Scarlett Johansson, a pink rabbit; and the list of items keeps growing !

I have been through that. For such a big move in your life, it’s hard to know where to start. It can really bring your motivation down.

But sometimes all you really need is a good check-list to move your project forward.

Behold my friend of the interwebs, this is where i come in. I made a timeline that lists all the main things to take care off in what i think is the right order.

You will find there

I hope it helps :). Let me know what you think or if i missed some elements to tick off.

Good Luck


Are expats unwelcomed in Berlin ? What Berliners say

Licensed under CC 2.0 on Flickr by Nathan

There has been undoubtedly a sharp increase of foreign population living in Berlin for the last 8-6 years. This continuous flow of very different people from around the world has both brought a new dynamism and great changes to the city. This new state of affairs is perfectly normal to us expats as we belong this movement and we have no to little idea of how the city looked like before this “rebirth”. However, to original local Berliners, their environment has drastically changed over the past few years, raising mixed feelings like  excitement, suspicion, joy, or fear among others.

I will try to present here what Berliners friends felt about Berlin’s new face, expats, and change.  By doing so, i hope to give a clearer view of what locals think of expats here.

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Enchanted Berlin : The dangers of being post-tourists

This post is addressed at everyone out-there wanting to move to Berlin after a sweet sweet dreamy stay. I have got a message for you : you have been bewitched, and the Berlin you have seen is enchanted. The curse is called : Post-tourism.


Post tourism you said ?

Contrary to the classical definition, i mean the following : The post-tourist is the person that settles in Berlin (or wants to) after spending some time here while not having residency in the city. The city has made such an impression on him/her that every effort will be made to try to extend this experience as much as possible.

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Not yet another Facebook page

Fellow blog visitor,

You might have already noticed by now, there is a Facebook widget below every page or article of this blog. This links to a page i have set-up on the blue social network.

This page is meant for you to take over because it’s simply not enough for me to write a few sound advices on some obscure blog. People need to connect, to share, to discuss so that all the amazing content seen on this blog has a purpose. Although I was reluctant to publish it in the first place, I changed my mind because several people expressed the need for a place where people wanting to settle in Berlin could shape a little community.

It’s sometimes hard to figure out things out on your own here, so seeing that other people are in the same situation can help. Not because it makes you feel better to see other people too, but because everyone has an experience that can profit to others. If you are experienced Berliner, go there once in a while to shoot some shizzle of your Wisdom around.

Settle in Berlin on Facebook

Blue thumbs

I will of course feed it once in a while, but hopefully in the future, it will live by itself through interactions of people there.

We are of course a small group now, but it always grows and people are nice, I have heard. Who knows what will emerge from it ? a sect ? a new trend ? Love stories ? a blue lobster ? Who knows ?

Follow the page, share it, talk about it, it’s yours now !

Good luck and see you there.


ps : If you are an expat who wants to share his or her experience of moving to Berlin, feel free to get in touch with me. I would then organize a little interview and even get you some beers if manageable. As i’ve said, i think a lot can be learned from other people’s experiences. Get in touch via the contact form in “Let’s get in touch” in the header of every page !