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While raging-out in a super hip party, you met this super cute guy (or girl) and it clicked between the two of you.  However, you didn’t have any mobile phone plan in Germany and you couldn’t give him (or her) your local number… bummer ! Now you are left alone watching another episode of Futurama.

mobile phone germany

Fear not because i’m here to help !


German mobile phone plan : Pre-paid or subscription ?

Very soon you will have to make a choice if you want to choose a pre-paid plan or subscribe to one on a monthly basis.  If you are to stay for only a few months here, it might be wise to choose a pre-paid one. It surely brings less perks but after all, all you really need is a mobile phone plan for Germany with which you can be reached.  Pre-paid brings the basics like a phone number, calls and texts billed per min or per text.
On the other hand, if you staying for more than a year and you need mobile internet as well, you’d better go for a subscription contract. If you are staying even longer, you could even get a new phone with that.

In all cases, in Germany, SIM cards are sold separately from the phone, so be sure to have your phone “unlocked” before you come here. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it with a german mobile phone plan.


Mobile phone Germany pre-paid plans overview :

Most of the SIM cards can be obtained in supermarkets, or local stores for a cost around 10€. They come with no minimum costs and no minimum engagement. Most of them bill 9 cent per sms and per minute.

  • Aldi Talk (by Eplus): to be purchased at Aldi only
  • O.Tel.O (Vodafone): to be purchased at  Media Markt, Saturn, Euronics
  • Congstar Prepaid (by Deutsche Telekom):  to be purchased in T-Stores , Kaufland,  Real and Netto
  • Lidl Mobile (Lidl): to be purchased at Lidl only
  • Blau (Eplus):  to be purchased at Aral,  Netto, Real, Rossmann
  • Edeka Mobile (by Vodafone): to be purchased at Edeka only
  • Tchibo Mobile (by O2): to be purchased at Tchibo only

 Have a look at tip 1 to compare all those plans.

Mobile phone Germany subscription overview :

If you were clever enough to go through your anmeldung and open a bank account before, you are then able to subscribe to a contract at one of the following providers. I have selected what i think is the fairest plan but make up you own decision.

Those providers often provide a 1 or 2 year contract so be careful when you make up your mind. You might get stuck in a unwanted contract.  Just go in a shop or on the internet and subscribe to the desired contract. Have a look at tip 1 to compare.


What if i only want a SIM card ?

It is possible to subscribe to SIM card only contracts in Germany. That is most suitable when you already have a phone and you just want the service (although not prepaid). All major providers do offer SIM only contracts but some are more specialized and can offer interesting deals too. It’s often a better value for the money and easier to cancel. Consider these ones :

  • Simply : from 12.99€/month (my recommendation)
  • Fyve : from 10€/month
  • Simfinity : from 14.90€/month
  • WhatsApp Sim by Eplus : from 10€/month (most flexible and recommended if you text more than you call)
  • McSim : 12,99€/month (also a good alternative)


Have a good flirt you <3

mobile phone plan germany

Tip 1: You might want to have a look at Preis24 for good deals. What this website is that they buy phones and mobile phone plans in bulk to all those providers to get a better price for you. It’s also a nice way to compare plans between providers. You can either choose a contract + phone bundle or a contract alone. They even have offers for pre-paid plans. DeinHandy is also a good alternative where you can also compare plans.

Tip 2: As a foreigner, it might not be possible to also buy a phone from on those providers. If you wish to buy a phone anyway, what you can do is to ask for a friend to subscribe to the contract while your bank details are provided to actually pay for it. This way, your friend with a hopefully clean schufa, will be allowed the contract. Et voila ! You have a phone. 🙂

You can also buy a second-hand phone for cheap from or which sell recent phones at really good rates, with a 30-months warranty on top. They are cheaper because they had minor defects and needed repair, but still works perfectly. Usually expect at least 30% rebate.

Tip 3 : For all our friends coming from the US out there : If you were wondering about 4G bands, your mobile phone plan in Germany and compatibility issues, don’t worry about it. Europe has the same standards across all countries so no provider is really making a selling point with this. They are all using the same frequences. Some offer the choice between “E-Netz” & “D-Netz” quality in their offers. D-Netz is the older spectrum of frequences that usually reach further than the E-Netz while E-Netz has the advantage of being able to support a lot more calls at the same time on a given area. Prefer D-Netz if you are travelling a lot or living at the countryside, prefer E-Netz if you live in crowded areas.

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